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  Fast   NO Data limits  
Reliable NO Hidden fees
Affordable NO Term contracts

KWISP provides High Speed Internet in northern Illinois using Fixed Wireless Broadband technology. We have served DeKalb, LaSalle, Kane and Lee counties since 2003, focusing on areas the big phone and cable companies neglect.

We have friendly local support, you are not locked into a long term contract, and we don't limit how much data you can use each month. There are no hidden fees or taxes - you pay the advertised price.

Our service area includes Cortland, DeKalb, Earlville, Hinckley, Leland, Lee, Malta, Maple Park, Rollo, Troxel and Waterman. We also serve parts of Compton, Elburn, Serena, Shabbona, Sheridan, Steward and West Brooklyn.

Plans starting at $40/month

plan speed with autopay and
paperless billing
paper bill
5M 5M download
1.2M upload
$40/mo $50/mo
10M 10M download
2.5M upload
$60/mo $70/mo
20M 20M download
5M upload
$90/mo $100/mo
40M 40M download
10M upload
$140/mo $150/mo
(see residential and business pages for details and more options)

Optional VoIP phone service available for $21.50/month including state and local telecom taxes.

KWISP participates in the federal Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP), which provides up to a $30 per month discount to low income households. You can find ACP eligibility information here. The KWISP enrollment form is here and information on the transition from the previous EBB program to ACP is here.

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