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Add KWISP digital phone service to any wireless Internet package for $20/month (plus tax).

  • Unlimited calling within US and Canada
  • Low international rates
  • FREE analog phone adapter included
  • FREE voicemail
  • FREE caller ID by name (CNAM)
  • FREE call waiting and call forwarding
  • FREE web and email integration
  • FREE number porting (allow 2-4 weeks)
  • Local numbers available in most of our coverage area

Additional charges apply for taxes, operator assisted calls, collect calls, and calls to directory assistance. We only charge for actual taxes, not regulatory recovery and other phony fees. For planning purposes, state and local telecommunications taxes will total around $1.50/month in unincorporated DeKalb and LaSalle counties, up to $2.20/month in towns that have municipal telecommunications taxes.

For residential service we provide an analog telephone adapter so you can use regular corded or cordless analog phones (the adapter must be returned if you cancel service).

Calls to 911 may be handled differently than a landline phone. We will register your street address in the E911 database, and you should notify us any time you move the phone adapter to a different location, to avoid emergency responders being dispatched to the wrong address. Digital phone service requires power and a working Internet connection. If you need phone service during a power outage, consider purchasing a battery backup unit.

This service may not work with certain FAX machines, alarm services, etc. Not for commercial use or resale. Not intended for "high risk use" where interruption of service can result in personal injury or damage to property.

Business Phone Service - Hosted PBX
Extension * (minimum 6) $15/mo
DID (minimum 1) $5/mo
eFAX (includes DID $10/mo
One-time setup charge $100

* Plus cost of IP phone. Contact us for monthly lease costs for various models of Grandstream IP phones.

KWISP voice service may not be used for illegal calls including robocalls. We will not "spoof" caller ID name or number.

Robocalling is defined as autodialing from a database of numbers for purposes of telemarketing without having received written permission from the called parties. Calls to wireline numbers for purposes of political campaigning, market research or polling are deemed legal.

For more information, please call 630-942-5940 or email

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